Flippidy Flew

Saturday, February 14. 2009
The gate to the Inner Courtyard is symmetric, so I used 3ds' Mirror tool to copy the stones from the right side over to the left side. Worked fine in 3ds, but after exporting it to Sandbox, I couldn't see the copy anymore because its normals were flipped. So I flipped them in 3ds, exported the gate again and - tadaa - there it was. Now I'm using 2-sided polygons for this object so I can see it in 3ds, which is a bit annoying to know.

The Prefab issue

Wednesday, February 11. 2009
It took me a while to figure out why sometimes during the creation of a window and its frame the glass is displayed as it's supposed to be and other times just as a grey blur. At some point I was pretty sure that a simple restart of the editor would help ... there are just too many variables in that whole process. Anyway, it all seemed to work after a long night of trial and error, so I was looking forward to placing my windows. With great foresight, I used the same ratio for all my "window holes" (and thanks to Nuremberg's builders, there are only two different sizes used for rectangualar windows in the original castle anyway), so theoretically I'd be able to spread them all over the place. I finished one window (left door, right door, both opening 100° towards the inside of a room, and the frame), saved that as a Prefab and placed two on the southern wall of the Bath building. Works, yeah! And now the opposite side - copy&paste should do the job, then turn by 180°.

Deep Down Below

Saturday, February 7. 2009
I just added the actual well to the Deep Well building. It's supposed to be 53 meters deep but I decided 42 ought to be enough. The original has a little notch on water level to stand on. I think it could well be that there's a tunnel leading away from it. At times the tunnel get's flooded a little bit so it's moist and mossy everywhere. The tunnel leads up to the lower bit of the Emperor's Garden. I'm thinking about adding some traps to make it a proper dungeon, because I wouldn't now where else I could place one. Doesn't really make sense though...

The deep well's bucket is driven up and down on a rope by the use of a windmill-like device, as it can be seen on the picture. In order to get it to run, the player is supposed to find broken/missing gear wheel tooth and place them in the respective plugs. To make the engine fail really cool and real I wanted to have the physics engine do all the work and have it stop the gear wheel when it comes to the missing wheel tooth. To do that I had to make the Entity a "Rigid body". Unfortunately it spasms out when the pole is touching the floor, and I haven't figured out how to prevent it from doing so. So for the moment the whole thing is scripted. Looks alright, but, you know...

Flickr oldschool

Saturday, January 31. 2009
Just decided to use the second great hall of the Keep (german: Palas) as a gallery for real world photos of the original castle. Would be cool to use it for a festive ball though. Let's see if I can make the A.I. dance waltzer ;-)


Sunday, January 18. 2009
Can you believe how fricking annoying it is, when you try to get something done and it just won't work. And then you think "I must be doing something wrong" but you can't put your finger on it ... and then after hours of trying you close the program and when you start it the next day, all of a sudden it works. What the hell is wrong with sandbox, why can't it crash when I need it to, because a simple restart does the job ;-)

What I'm trying to say is ... I finally have breakable windows ;-)

Getting Lost in Detail

Monday, January 12. 2009
Caught myself counting bloody roof tiles the other day, only to find out that something wasn't quite right with the model and I had to change it again (and destroy the UVW, of course.) This still happens far too often. I spent/wasted hours making something look really nice but later on - after a second look at the original or maybe some new picture I found - I'm changing it again.

Nuremberg Castle

Saturday, January 10. 2009
The original castle actually consists of three different structure sets, the town-owned buildings on the eastern side (Städtischen Bauten, #1 and 2), the buildings of the rulers of Nuremberg (Burggrafenburg, #3, 7, 8), and the actual Imperial Castle (Kaiserburg, #4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12). As you can see on the plan below, most of the buildings are connected to each other, so it was tempting to create all of it in one single model in 3ds. I refrained from that after I've finished the first building - the Sinwell Tower - two CPU cores still aren't enough for that stuff. XRef Scene didn't really work out for me as the main file grew bigger and bigger and so I ended up fitting connecting walls manually by copying and pasting between files. Definitely something to think about before starting to model the next bigger project.

When I started to model, the only reference material I had where photos that I got off the web which didn't nearly cover all the areas, walls and hidden corners of the castle. Luckily there is Google Earth which was invaluable for positioning structures that weren't on the drawn plan I found before. Also Microsoft Live Maps was really helpful to find out the basic texture and number of windows on all sides of the castle for which I didn't have photos. I've had to pretty much guess the heights of every building, as there was no official data to be found on the web. After calling there, I found out that the Sinwell Tower is 33 meters high, but the castle people didn't know where exactly this is measured from.


Thursday, January 1. 2009
October 2009 - Center part of the town's church.

The first bit of a dungeon underneath the church.

September 2009

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August 2009

August 2009

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Juni 2009

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Mai 2009

March 2009

March 2009 - View from the top floor of the Double Chapel.

January 2009 - On top of Sinwell Tower. This was on the first things I've made for the castle.

Contact / Imprint

Thursday, January 1. 2009
Contact: Florian Bruecher
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