Monday, June 21. 2010
I'm really sorry guys, I won't be able to finish up any time soon. I've got too much going on IRL at the moment. On top of it all I'll be moving soon and starting a new job (yaih). I will update you via this page as soon as I get anywhere close to wrapping it all up. Thanks to all of you who showed interest and kept me motivated!

Long time no see!

Monday, February 15. 2010
Yes, I'm still there! There's a lot going on right now and due to some personal stuff I had to take care of I didn't really get to do anything for the mod this year :-( Right now I'm cleaning up the level and trying to get the final package size down to about 500 MB.

Also, when I went back home a few weeks ago, I found this nice little playground that I'm re-building atm. Doesn't really fit the castle theme, but hey, it's well hidden in the moat, and shu' up, it's my world ;-)

Need to figure out how to make Grunt ride the horsie :-P

The Trailer

Tuesday, November 10. 2009
Yaih, I finally finished a trailer! Turn up the volume and enjoy 99 seconds of pure awesomeness :-D You'll notice a lag which derives from my old PC trying to cope with the CryEngine on high settings and an absolutely not optimized level. So don't worry, it's not your PC or connection that sucks here.

If the embedded video doesn't work or to watch it in full size, please click here.

In case you haven't guessed it already, the Giana Sisters tune comes from highly admired composer Chris Hülsbeck's album Symphonic Shades.

The Altar of the Church

Saturday, October 24. 2009
The Altar of the Church

Autumn shots

Sunday, October 18. 2009
Not only have I changed the Blog's visual style (moar graphics for all you broadband users out there - everyone else may use the RSS feeds on the right :-)) but I've also put up some new screenshots. Find them on the new screenshots page.


Thursday, September 3. 2009
Finally some Ivy! I'm really happy about this because it was a real pain to figure out how to do it. Long story short: The first thing I've tried didn't seem to work as the texture appeared to be broken. So I didn't even bother to continue with it. After two hours of fiddling around with Photoshop and Sandbox, Opacity Maps, CryTifs and Alpha-channel textures I went back to an old Savegame (Sandbox started to constantly crash at some point when I tried to move the AlphaTest/Opacity slider), used the DXT3ARGB-dds from the beginning, changed its Opacity to 99 and voilà there's the Ivy. I'm now going to make a few different plants and then go crazy spreading them all over the place :-D

Ivy on the Castle Wall

Sunday, August 23. 2009
The oldest bridge in real Nuremberg is the Fleischbrücke (Meat bridge) and was my inspiration for this one. Some of the surrounding town-houses are missing windows and their shutters, but apart from that they're finished. I also started to change a bit of the UI - like integrating my own compass.

Work in Progress :)

Tuesday, July 14. 2009
Time for an update.

The front entrance ... so far. I have to do something about these rocks on the right. In the end it's supposed to look a bit like on this photo.

Fields west of the town

The emperor's secret escape.

A going-to-be swamp

A lake I made a few months ago... on the far right there's ...

...my first landslide. Yeh... I need to put some more detail in here.

Bottom of town. At some point I'm gonna make a few nice townhouse models - it's all c&p anyway.

The river banks

Moar Shots

Sunday, June 28. 2009
There's still so much to do, I really wanna cry ... Thanks to overtime and amazing weather I'm not getting much done right now (do I ever?) :-/

Something's wrong with the Bath house model (center-right) that causes ugly shadows. Guess I have to re-do the whole thing.

An aerial shot of the castle. What a mess ;)

My good old friend Grunt ;-) now selling apples. They are actually of regular size - Grunt is just kneeling way behind the stall (he's set up to hide from the player)

View from the hills south of the town

Farm stuff

Sunday, June 14. 2009
OK, so here's what I'm doing on what's probably the nicest day in Britain this year ;-)

Proof of Life

Monday, May 4. 2009
Just wanted to let you know I'm still here. I'm doing long hours at work right now, so in the end of the day there's not much time left for the mod - taking really small steps at the moment :-( Well, have some cookies:

Heathens' Tower and Double chapel.

Coming from the town entrance (Heavenly Gate) of the castle, you can see the Heavenly Stables and the Heathens' Tower in the background.

The Palas

View from the mountain path in the southwest. So looking forward to CryEngine 3 and it's Central European trees *yaih*

Gettin' there ;-)

Recent Screenshots

Tuesday, March 10. 2009
View from the Inner Courtyard Gate towards the Deep Well building.

Heathens' tower and Double Chapel

Ground floor of the Double Chapel

View from the top floor of the Double Chapel.


Saturday, March 7. 2009
I just got back from a week-long trip to Ireland. Unfortunately, the weather was shit most of the time, so I couldn't really take the pictures I was looking forward to. However, the lack of hard shadows made me photograph about a hundred walls of the Irish southwest ;-) They've got a bit of a different architectural style over there, but I might be able to use some of the textures for this mod anyway.

Back to ATI

Tuesday, February 17. 2009
Today my new graphics card has arrived - a Radeon HD4850 by HIS. Hopefully the fan is as quiet as the reviews say... Now I can finally start building the forest that's supposed to surround the town ;-) Once again I'm getting lost in detail, creating funny little creeks and paths no player will ever walk on. Well, I want everyone to walk on them, but to get there they would have to cross the town which I'll never be able to finish anyway.

First Screenshots

Sunday, February 15. 2009
So here they are ... the very first Pre-pre-wait-for-it-PRE-alpha screenshots.

View through the gate of the Inner Courtyard looking at the Deep Well building and the Sinwell Tower.

On top of Sinwell Tower. This was on the first things I've made for the castle.

Gate to the Inner Courtyard, still missing the actual gate door.