Thursday, September 3. 2009
Finally some Ivy! I'm really happy about this because it was a real pain to figure out how to do it. Long story short: The first thing I've tried didn't seem to work as the texture appeared to be broken. So I didn't even bother to continue with it. After two hours of fiddling around with Photoshop and Sandbox, Opacity Maps, CryTifs and Alpha-channel textures I went back to an old Savegame (Sandbox started to constantly crash at some point when I tried to move the AlphaTest/Opacity slider), used the DXT3ARGB-dds from the beginning, changed its Opacity to 99 and voilą there's the Ivy. I'm now going to make a few different plants and then go crazy spreading them all over the place :-D

Ivy on the Castle Wall

Deep Down Below

Saturday, February 7. 2009
I just added the actual well to the Deep Well building. It's supposed to be 53 meters deep but I decided 42 ought to be enough. The original has a little notch on water level to stand on. I think it could well be that there's a tunnel leading away from it. At times the tunnel get's flooded a little bit so it's moist and mossy everywhere. The tunnel leads up to the lower bit of the Emperor's Garden. I'm thinking about adding some traps to make it a proper dungeon, because I wouldn't now where else I could place one. Doesn't really make sense though...

The deep well's bucket is driven up and down on a rope by the use of a windmill-like device, as it can be seen on the picture. In order to get it to run, the player is supposed to find broken/missing gear wheel tooth and place them in the respective plugs. To make the engine fail really cool and real I wanted to have the physics engine do all the work and have it stop the gear wheel when it comes to the missing wheel tooth. To do that I had to make the Entity a "Rigid body". Unfortunately it spasms out when the pole is touching the floor, and I haven't figured out how to prevent it from doing so. So for the moment the whole thing is scripted. Looks alright, but, you know...