Saturday, March 7. 2009
I just got back from a week-long trip to Ireland. Unfortunately, the weather was shit most of the time, so I couldn't really take the pictures I was looking forward to. However, the lack of hard shadows made me photograph about a hundred walls of the Irish southwest ;-) They've got a bit of a different architectural style over there, but I might be able to use some of the textures for this mod anyway.

Back to ATI

Tuesday, February 17. 2009
Today my new graphics card has arrived - a Radeon HD4850 by HIS. Hopefully the fan is as quiet as the reviews say... Now I can finally start building the forest that's supposed to surround the town ;-) Once again I'm getting lost in detail, creating funny little creeks and paths no player will ever walk on. Well, I want everyone to walk on them, but to get there they would have to cross the town which I'll never be able to finish anyway.

Nuremberg Castle

Saturday, January 10. 2009
The original castle actually consists of three different structure sets, the town-owned buildings on the eastern side (Städtischen Bauten, #1 and 2), the buildings of the rulers of Nuremberg (Burggrafenburg, #3, 7, 8), and the actual Imperial Castle (Kaiserburg, #4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12). As you can see on the plan below, most of the buildings are connected to each other, so it was tempting to create all of it in one single model in 3ds. I refrained from that after I've finished the first building - the Sinwell Tower - two CPU cores still aren't enough for that stuff. XRef Scene didn't really work out for me as the main file grew bigger and bigger and so I ended up fitting connecting walls manually by copying and pasting between files. Definitely something to think about before starting to model the next bigger project.

When I started to model, the only reference material I had where photos that I got off the web which didn't nearly cover all the areas, walls and hidden corners of the castle. Luckily there is Google Earth which was invaluable for positioning structures that weren't on the drawn plan I found before. Also Microsoft Live Maps was really helpful to find out the basic texture and number of windows on all sides of the castle for which I didn't have photos. I've had to pretty much guess the heights of every building, as there was no official data to be found on the web. After calling there, I found out that the Sinwell Tower is 33 meters high, but the castle people didn't know where exactly this is measured from.