The Trailer

Yaih, I finally finished a trailer! Turn up the volume and enjoy 99 seconds of pure awesomeness :-D You'll notice a lag which derives from my old PC trying to cope with the CryEngine on high settings and an absolutely not optimized level. So don't worry, it's not your PC or connection that sucks here.

If the embedded video doesn't work or to watch it in full size, please click here.

In case you haven't guessed it already, the Giana Sisters tune comes from highly admired composer Chris Hülsbeck's album Symphonic Shades.


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  1. Crysisfan says:

    Nice! When you release this? :-D

  2. Frodolf says:

    I just switched to Windows 7... so it's gonna take a couple of days until everything runs smooth again, and then I'll wrap it up and put it online. There are no proper quests/objectives in it yet though... it's pretty much still a construction site - but good fun to walk around in :-)

  3. Der Alex says:

  4. Frodolf says:

    Your comments weren't deleted on purpose. Our server was hacked last night so we had to roll back to a backup from last week. My apologies for that.

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